The purpose of the Loyal Escorts of the Green Garter, is to assist the Women Marines Association and to perform educational and charitable works within their communities. Friends and Family members of Women Marines Association members in good standing are invited to join the Loyal Escorts.

The Nonprofit auxiliary of the Women Marines Association

Joining the LE's is easy

For $30.00 for 2 years, you can become a Loyal Escort with sponsorship by a WMA member. Life membership is limited to those whose sponsor is also a life member of WMA, and is pro-rated by age.

San Diego County Chapter Loyal Escorts

We are growing our local auxiliary. Currently there is no fee for our local membership and we are in competition with the other Chapters in growing our membership.  Please consider joining our ranks as friends and family of the WMA that seeks to support Women Marines in our endeavor to fulfill the purposed of the WMA in support of Veterans and active duty service members.


Please contact us                      for more information

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